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May 20, 2010

Meet Lorilei : May's Pet of the Month

Our very first Pet of the Month -- meet Lorilei . She is a basset hound puppy owned by Chuck and Scottia. For many years Chuck and Scottia had a sweet basset hound named Isabella. Isn't that a grand name for a basset hound? She was such a sweet, saggy, draggy, lovable basset. Isabella had several recurring health problems, and her owners were so very faithful to bring her in for testing and treatment. We honor them and their new basset puppy Lorilei. We hope they have many happy years of basset love ahead of them!

Here Lorilei is getting a puppy exam before her round of booster vaccinations.

Oh, so sweet! She is such a wiggly, lovable puppy.
Congratulations Chuck and Scottia!